3 Important Workout Essentials

Working out on your own is a great thing because you can save money, it’s time convenient and you control the type of workout intensity that you want to apply. Although some prefer on having someone like a fitness professional to guide them in their weight loss program, the habit to exercise on your own is the best way to feel more satisfied and independent.

So if you are the person that loves to do any workout routines independently, then you need some simple advice to ensure that you are in the right path to success. Below are the three most crucial workout essentials that you need for better fitness program.

Workout Essentials that you need

1. Heart Rate Monitor

heart rate monitor

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A hart rate monitor is very essential to your workout. It keeps your workout to be more efficient and keeping track of your over all work rate, monitoring your health in check all the time. This includes your target heart rate and the total calories you burn, making you more informed about your performance and health status. To know your ideal or target heart rate, take the equation below for your information.

Target Heart Rate = 220 – (your age) x 70-80%

Now that you know how to calculate your target heart rate, grab your own heart rate monitor now and use it every time you workout. Heart rate monitor can be purchase in a stand-alone wireless products or it can be bought in the form of a sports watch.

Remember, sweating in a specific workout is not enough if you can’t monitor your efforts (it’s like shooting arrows in the dark). Use heart rate monitor for better workout results. Try this heart rate monitor best seller in Amazon.

2. Protein Drinks

protein drinks

One thing that people tends to do before and after an intense workout is to eat as many foods as they can, thinking that it will constitute well on their workout program. Although there are quality good foods for pre-workout and post-workout, one drink is much more ideal to take in consideration on your workout routines. – Protein Drinks.

There are many forms of protein drinks such as shakes, why protein and other commercially distributed protein products. What protein drink product should you take depends on your preferences. Commonly, protein drinks tastes great and contains 160 calories, no sugar and lactose, which is perfect for your continuous metabolism process. If you want to buy whey protein shakes online, you may visit www.slimming.com, one of the world’s largest whey protein and other health supplements provider.

3. Body supports or protectors

ankle support

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Just like my article regarding toe shoes, some people are accustomed to use body supports to protect their body parts from injuries. If you are working on your own, it is important that you use specific body supports depending on your workout regimen. For example you are running, then ankle, arch and knee supports can effectively help your body to run well and hopefully prevent any unwanted injuries. On the other hand if you like lifting weights, it is much better to wear wrists or hand supports as well as waist support.

In summary, these three essential elements are very important on your workout regimen. Make sure that you apply this tips for your own fitness and weight loss endeavors.

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