Perfect Push Up Review

Welcome to my another edition of workout equipment review. This time, I will show you a tool that can help perfect your push up routine for more muscle tone and fat burning action. This tool is called Perfect Push Up!

Well, you might be asking why am I reviewing this push up tool if you can very well do push ups on your own? That is because of the hype. Perfect Push is seen in almost everywhere particularly on Television. So this review will give you a better idea about this product.

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Why Perfect Push Up?

perfect push upPush ups are generally an old school workout but generally perfect for both men and women of any age. Plus, you don’t need to have experience nor a special space, just to perform push ups.

While push ups are simple exercises, it is one of the most versatile routines that you can apply for muscle mass improvement. Just a simple hand-arm positioning, incline or decline, one hand or elevating positions, every motion you do when doing push ups lets you work your upper body to perfection.

However, with all the benefits of push ups, there are still shortcomings that you need to consider. One of the risks is wrists strain that you can acquire during push ups. The tension from your body weight are all focused on your wrists, which could cause some stress.

Another issue is the discomfort in the shoulder, which can cause injury to your rotator cuff. So if you have shoulder or wrists injuries before, push ups are certainly not for you.

This is where Perfect Push Up comes in.

Perfect Push Up Overview

Perfect Push Up was created by former US Navy Seal Alden Mills. The aim is to solve the common push up issues such as twisting, stress, discomfort or any inconveniences in shoulders, arms or wrists. Since push ups are simple, many people literally don’t know how to do the right push ups and prevent any injuries.

So the creator designed a tool that can literally eliminate these risks during a push up routine – the Perfect Push Up. This tools are simple push up bars that you can use during push up sessions. This can give your muscles more comfort and much safe compared to conventional push ups.

The Perfect Push Up only weighs less than 4 pounds and have dimensions of 8 x 5.1 x 8 inches, which can fit any athletes. This tool is one of the best-seller in Amazon for fitness equipment category. It also has a high rating of 4.1 stars, a big testament for Perfect Push Up’s credibility.

“They easily snap into place and are extremely well-made. The grips are amazingly tacky and the rotating disks are natural, effortless, and noiseless. The Perfect Push Up-Basic makes it easier and safer to do a push-up concerning your wrists. It can also make it more challenging by deepening the push-up.”

Vincent Mancini – Perfect Push Up User

How Perfect Push Up Works

perfect push up basicIf you are looking to take your push up workout to the next level, then Perfect Push Up can definitely deliver. The tool makes a standard position push up, into a push up bar with rotating base. The base actually allows you to keep a neutral position while rotating or bending your arms. This is completely beneficial to your wrists as the push up bar takes all the tension out of your wrists and shoulders, giving you a lower chances of injuries.

These rotating hand grips allows your arms to twist naturally during push ups, giving you more comfort. This is also beneficial to your muscles, allowing them to rotate at their natural positions. This leads to a more improved and toned muscles especially at the chest area because the rotator cuff and scapular muscles are fully stretched during workout. As you know, correct muscle workout helps enlarge muscles and this includes arms, triceps, shoulders and back.

With Perfect Push Up, you will have less tensions or muscle stress but you will achieve better and faster results.

“I’ve been using the Perfect Pushup Basic faithfully for about two weeks now, following the included workout plan, and these bad boys definitely do work as advertised. I’m getting good results, results I can already see in my chest and biceps. The clever design of the Perfect Pushup takes the strain of doing pushups off your wrists and provides a more thorough muscle workout than doing them without it. Plus, it’s fun to have a neat little gadget like this.”

Baron Von Cool – Amazon Top Reviewer

Conclusion on Perfect Push Up

Perfect Push Up is the perfect companion if you love push up routines to the max. It can make your workout more complex and versatile, which you cannot get on your usual push up routines. Based on reviews, the Perfect Push Up is a tool that can fasten your workout results in a more safer way.

Perfect Push Up is not an expensive tool and only cost $25. I highly advise you to try this equipment as it is very useful and affordable. Plus, when you purchase Perfect Push Up right now, you also get a Basic Training video manual that will give you a complete guide on how to push up correctly. Visit its Amazon page below to make a purchase.


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