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Your diet plays an important role in how you control your weight. Eating the right foods together with consistent physical workouts should be enough to see good results. However, thousands of individuals are still lost and can’t keep the weight off. Why is it so hard to lose weight? Is there any miracle solution to this problem?

Well, diet and exercise are quite enough to get you in shape. There is only one problem that is making people fail – the right dieting approach! Dieting to lose weight doesn’t just mean applying any fad diets you stumble upon online. You essentially need a “personalized’ dieting regime to meet your body’s needs. Only then can you achieve total weight loss! Consider these two online diet plans that you can use for your weight loss endeavors.

Amanda Hamilton Online Weight Loss Program

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Amanda Hamilton is a Scottish nutritionist, dietitian, businesswoman and broadcaster. Although she has many endeavors, she works full time teaching people how to eat properly using three dieting phases that she invented. Initially, her program was only aimed at women, but she later opened the doors for men who are eager to lose weight through her services too.

Her dieting is all natural, emphasizing a health-friendly dieting approach which is personalized to fit your body’s needs. Unlike fad diets that only offer short-term results, Amanda’s program will guide you through the course as long as you are a member. This gives you an advantage in maintaining your weight and preventing re-gaining those lost pounds.

Amanda’s three dieting phases are the following:

amanda recipesDetox Phase

The detox phase is the cleansing or detoxification stage. This starts during your first five days in the program. The word detox itself is stressful enough to make most dieters scream. But Amanda prepared a whole new approach that will change your views on detox.

Re-Shape Phase

This phase is where all the dieting fun begins. All the foods that will be given to you are chosen according to your body profile, making it a more  “personalized” approach.

Healthy-Me Phase

This phase is the maintenance stage. This will help you to maintain the lost weight for longer or keep it off for good, as long as you are subscribed to Amanda’s program.


Aside from your diet plan, you can also enjoy other perks and services from Amanda Hamilton’s official site. This includes a fitness dashboard where you can monitor your weight loss progress, a meal planner where you can have your food scheduled, the latest articles from the dieting industry, videos from Amanda herself and a community forum where you can interact with fellow dieters.

Hundreds of people are now working with Amanda to help lessen and maintain their weight. You can visit her success stories page to learn more about people who are happy and very satisfied with Amanda’s services.

If you are new to online diet plans and are hesitant to sign up, you can try Amanda’s free seven-day trial. Now you can try this dieting plan without worrying about spending. Plan your diet today and pay after seven days! That is a great offer you shouldn’t miss!

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Fitium Diet Plan


Fitium is a whole-new revolutionized dieting plan that is recommended by nutritionists and physicians. It was developed by a team of fitness and health experts led by Chris Closset. Its dieting plan is primarily designed from professionals’ perspectives, giving you a suitable, personalized and 100% safe eating and fitness plan.

As well as Chris Closset, Fitium is co-headed by Sarah Burkhart – nutritionist, Shannon Clark – personal trainer and Jocelyn Pantaleon – a Filipino medical doctor. They comprise a solid team for your weight loss needs, making Fitium one of the most ideal diet plans online.


fitium featuresFitium premium members have access to dozens of exciting features that you will highly enjoy. These features will inspire you to eat right and exercise. You may start immediately with no books, nor anything else required. You can start getting in shape right after you sign up.

Initially, you will undergo a 7-day accelerator mini-course. This will provide you with a practical but unique approach to fitness and weight loss. This course is designed by professionals, so you don’t have to worry about anything else, except of course losing the weight.

You will also get a nutritional guide that includes food lists, news articles and more. Fitium also features a 7 day video workout which shows 10 minutes of light exercises that you can easily follow from the comfort of your own home. These videos require no expensive fitness equipment, all you need are yourself and your computer.

Like Amanda Hamilton, Fitium also offers you a personal dashboard where you can track your weight loss progress more effectively. You don’t have to do any manual tracking, it’s all done online! The program also offers a meal planner where you can schedule important information with regards to food, including healthy recipes and much more.

Fitium also has a dependable blog that gives you up-to-date fitness articles you will enjoy. Interact with fellow Fitium members in the program’s support area. Plus, stay motivated by using your online food and exercise diary. Fitium has all the tools you need to succeed in your fitness program.


money back guaranteePlans and prices are flexible depending on your preferences. They are available in monthly and yearly packages. The monthly package is priced at $19.95, The 6-month package is $74.99, while the yearly package is priced at $129.50. Fitium offers no joining fees or any kind of contract restrictions, you can opt out anytime you want. But of course, this service is worth the price and I know you will love Fitium.

While Amanda Hamilton offers a 7-day free trial, Fitium offers a 30-days money back guarantee. A different offer with similar benefits. With a money back guarantee, Fitium ensures that their diet plan works and won’t fail you in any way. Your money won’t be wasted, unlike with other fad diets that are all pure hype.

For more information, read my Fitium Review and learn why this weight loss program is perfect for you. Sign up now and lose weight quickly!

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