Hoodia Gordonii Diet P57

I’ve been writing successive posts regarding diets because I know that most of you are needing an answer on how to find the right diet. Your eating habit really matters if you want to lose or gain weight. The fact is, you can’t achieve any goal if you have no idea on what kind of dieting program to apply. Today’s post will be another dieting option for you to consider on your weight loss endeavors.

Have you heard Hoodia Gordonii Diet P57? This is a plant-based diet consisting mainly of Hoodia Gordonii. There are seemingly hundreds of diets out there and choosing one can be a daunting task. Hoodia Gordonii Diet P57 is a unique but natural type of weight loss regimen, which could be the missing key to your weight loss dilemma.

What is Hoodia Gordonii

hoodia gordonii diet p57In year 1779, Robert Gordon discovered a leafless spiny succulent plant in Orange River and identified it as Stapelia. It grows naturally in South Africa and Namibia and are commonly called as Hoodia Gordonii. The plant is known to offer dozens of medicinal properties that are not known in the Western world that time.

What would catch your attention for this plant is its smell, it really stinks similar to rotten meat. The flowers of this plant is being pollinated by flies so it is really not your typical gardening plant.

However, Hoodia is actually beneficial to health, mainly used as an appetite suppressant by the native Africans. The suppressing properties of this plant is mainly due to its potent compound called molecule P57. This compound has said to be the main reason why the plant can suppress appetite of up to a staggering 40% success rate, does constituting to weight loss.

Today, Hoodia Gordonii is being marketed as diet pills to help support weight loss. This same molecule P57 is also now being marketed as an alternative name for Hoodia Gordonii-based products, mainly to make the product more appealing to the public. One of the most popular Hoodia-based weight loss product is Unique Hoodia.


Details on Hoodia Gordonii Diet P57

WikiPedia has published a medicinal and scientific information about the many benefits of Hoodia Gordonii. Although the plant is actually effective in animal testing, there has never been a conclusive report if it will be effective in humans. However in 1977, the South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research had isolated the P57 molecule in Hoodia and was patented in 1996,

Pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer were collaborated to use P57 as an active ingredient in appetite suppressant products. In 2002, Pfizer released its rights to P57 due to the difficulty in synthesizing this ingredient. There were indications that there are unwanted effects on the liver, which could be caused by other components of Hoodia. This is the reason why Hoodia is not yet approved by the FDA.

Still, Hoodia Gordonii Diet P57 has been known to effectively control eating habits and is also for body fat reduction. What P57 does is to send signals to the brain that you are full even if you are not eaten for some time. This can help control your food cravings specially alcohol drinking and mindless munching.

Is it Safe to Use Hoodia Gordonii Products

Since the production of Hoodia products are unstoppable, the US government warns the public of illegally traded products which includes altered Hoodia Gordonii. Hundreds of scam products today claims that they offer 100% Hoodia Gordonii plant. Beware of this products as these can harm your health instead of getting positive benefits.

Hoodia Gordonii Diet P57 is the purest form of Hoodia supplementation because it contains authentic natural Hoodia plant, which of course includes its active ingredient P57. But like any other dieting regime, you should control your Hoodia Gordonii dosage to prevent any unwanted effects. Plus, it is hard to acquire pure Hoodia from South Africa.

If you want Hoodia Gordonii as your alternative approach to weight loss, you can take Unique Hoodia Supplements. Although not regulated by FDA (similar with most dietary pills), it has its own certificate of analysis (COA) and is certified by Cites and ANNEX. Cites and Annex are the only authentication authorities in the US that regulates importation of goods such as Hoodia plants. This means that Unique Hoodia is using 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii as its main ingredient.


Plus, Unique Hoodia has been formulated to meet the right daily dosage for human use. This helps prevents any unwanted side effects of the usual P57 active ingredient. To make it more safe, the product includes bioperine for faster and effective absorption. The product doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients such as ephedrine, preservatives or caffeine.

Summary on Hoodia Gordonii Diet P57

Taking Hoodia is harmful if you are overly using it without control, just like any other weight loss products. Consuming the right dosage with pure Hoodia is much more beneficial. Of course, you have to ask your doctor first before you take any Hoodia products. It is also advisable if you conjunct regular workout and a healthy diet with your Hoodia appetite suppression pills.

With regards to appetite suppressing properties, no other plants can match the power of Hoodia Gordonii. For the best and highly trusted products, I suggest you choose Unique Hoodia as your weight loss pill supplement. It is formulated to meet your appetite management needs and is composed of 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii plant. Order your Unique Hoodia now!


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