High Protein Diet vs High Carbohydrate Diet: Which is Better for You

If you are a health conscious individual, you only want the best dieting regime to help improve your over all health. But with hundreds of diets competing just to get your approval, you will certainly get confuse which one works the best.

Most experts will surely suggest that choosing a diet of low-carb and low fat, are the only eating plan that effectively works with regards to fitness. If this is the only equation you will look at, then all other dieting programs are all wrong.

Unknown to many, there are lots to learn with regards to the science of dieting. Having a high-protein or high carbohydrate diet doesn’t necessarily constitutes to weight gain. If you’ve read my previous post with regards to eating plans, you learned that as long as you are burning more calories than you are taking in, you can certainly lose weight practicing any types of diets.

Although a high-protein diet can add some pounds, remember that being healthy is not just about your actual weight, there are other reasons why you can resort in a high-protein diet than any other else.

High-Protein over High-Carbohydrate Diet?

high protein vs high carbohydrate diet

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For many, protein has been overlooked with regards to weight loss. Do you prefer protein over carbohydrates? A recent study published by US National Library of Medicine shows a more detailed answer to that question – high protein is better than high-carbohydrate.

The research organized a group of obese people (about 32.6 BMI average) which were divided into two groups – high protein group and the high carb group. All participants were put into a low calorie diet first to basically prepare their body for weight loss. The main purpose of the research is to see whether the participants would gain back the weight they lost during the low calorie diet phase.

Their diet were composed primarily of liquid and unlimited amounts of vegetables. Due to total food restriction, all participants significantly lost pounds. After 12 weeks, the food restriction was lifted but they have to maintain a 30% fat intake. The high carbs group was forced to take at least 50% carbs while the high protein group was forced to eat a diet that is composed of 25% protein.

After the duration of the study, the high carb group gained weight while the high protein group kept losing weight. The researchers concluded that high protein diet is much better regime than a high carbohydrate diet. They also found out that a high protein diet helps the body to maintain and build more muscle mass during workout sessions.

It was also evident that protein made the participants more energetic compared from their counterpart. High protein participants  also increased their HDL (good cholesterol), while a big reduction on their triglycerides. Because of this outcome, the high protein diet became an alternative approach to prevent different heart disease.

Summary on High Protein vs High Carbohydrate Diet

A high protein diet is more ideal to you because you are not totally deprived with food. It is easy to maintain, keeps you satisfied for long-term dieting course than a high carbohydrate regime. You will also have that much needed energy when you are burning those extra calories.

Counting your calorie intake is important to your weight loss program, along with the total calories you burn. The lesson is to put some calories from protein-sourced foods. This way you can build and maintain muscles and have a healthy heart.

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