Can Ashitaba Help You Lose Weight

Super foods are the usual headlines of both health magazines and online sites. This is not surprising at all, as we know that more and more people are craving for every bit of knowledge with regards to health and fitness.

With today’s hundreds of diseases, you are probably one of those people who values information about health improvement and disease prevention. Well, don’t you ever click that close button as this post will discuss to you a whole-new plant that will surely satisfy your health cravings. This plant is called Ashitaba!

So if you want to learn more about ashitaba and how it can improve your health, then I suggest that you stay here for a while and read this post until the end. I guarantee that you will get interested in this one of a kind plant.

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What is Ashitaba?

ashitaba leafAshitaba is an Asian green vegetable that contains a potent antioxidant compound called chalcone. Also known as “tomorrow leaf”, this unique plant is a close relative of the celery family as well as other known green herbs such as wheat grass, barley grass and the weight loss popular green tea.

There are some clinical studies about ashitaba’s health benefits, which focuses entirely on its chalcone content. Chalcone helps improve cardiovascular system and the digestive system, but further studies proved that this compound can also be used as antibacterial, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal agent.

Tomorrow leaf is essentially rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and essential amino acids. So in short, ashitaba is a complete herbal plant that can help prevent any kinds of diseases while improving your over-all health.

Other Benefits of Ashitaba

You may find dozens of reports regarding the health benefits of ashitaba. Actually, taking ashitaba as a supplement offers countless benefits for you. It has said to be more powerful that your usual tea and much more powerful than green tea’s slimming properties. Below are some of the benefits of ashitaba that you won’t find anywhere online.

  • slows aging
  • improves memory
  • prevents hair loss
  • PMS and menopausal symptoms relief
  • helps cure gout
  • aid digestive problems
  • lowers cholesterol level
  • prevents stroke and heart attack
  • lowers blood pressure
  • helps regenerate cells and prevents oxidation
  • accelerates healing of wounds
  • reduces your blood sugar levels
  • prevents formation of tumor/anti-cancer
  • prevents fungal and bacterial diseases
  • relieves asthma and other respiratory problems

As you can see, these benefits shows that ashitaba can very well shield your health from serious and deadly diseases. All these benefits are based from its chalcone content, a completely potent antioxidant. In Japan, ashitaba plants are being made as a pill, tea and as a dietary supplement. Here in Manila, tomorrow leaf is not that yet popular but there are numerous people who are already cultivate ashitaba for health purposes, and that includes me. You can even see some ashitaba recipes which are deliciously tasty and healthy. AshitabaPlant is one informative blog that can offer dozens of information about ashitaba.

Can Tomorrow Leaf Aid Weight Loss

Since ashitaba is a super food, it can certainly help you lose weight. How? Simply by charging up your body’s metabolic rate. Ashitaba can help you lose weight naturally by enhancing your body’s natural fat burning mechanism, where you lose more calories and fats during any physical activities. Since it contains fiber, it will surely help you lose more weight because it will clean up your digestive tract.

Since it is said to be much more powerful than green tea, you can use tomorrow leaf as your main weight loss supplement. There are some dietary pills and teas that are based on ashitaba. If you are living in the US, it will be difficult for you to find tomorrow leaf.. It is much better to purchase Japan-manufactured ashitaba products, as this plant originally came from this country.

How to Prepare Ashitaba

eHow published a complete details on how to use ashitaba as your daily supplement or tea. However, you can achieve maximum benefits from this super food if you consume it raw and fresh.

Although there are pill, powdered and tea-based ashitaba products, it is more advisable to eat it raw and that is how we Filipinos eat ashitaba. The preparations are simple. Just pick the most matured leaves and wash it clean water. After that, you may eat it as is. We commonly consume three leaves before meal, which means you only take nine leaves a day if you are having three meals per day.

Otherwise, you can do whatever preparations you like, especially if you are not keen on eating a raw ashitaba leaf which certainly not good in the taste buds.

Conclusion on Ashitaba

Ashitaba is truly an amazing plant that can completely support your health program. Whether you want to prevent diseases, improve your health or lose weight, tomorrow leaf is one herb that you can highly trust.

Like any herbal products out there, ashitaba should be taken in moderation and with your doctor’s approval. Although this plant is globally recognized as a super food, it is much wiser if you have medical approval from your physician before you take ashitaba or any herbal plants. Use ashitaba with proper health monitoring and with caution.

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