Can a Massage Help You Lose Weight

Understanding your own body chemistry can help overcome weight issues. This is the reason why most people can’t practically lose weight, because they don’t understand how their body reacts to diet, exercise and many other things.

One pleasure that our body truly love is massage and most people specially in social media sites, brags about the importance and weight loss benefits of different types of massage. Can it really help you lose fat? Lets find out.

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The Right Massage

massage therapyThere is a big hype online about abdominal massage that claims to help lose belly fat. Whether this is true or not, you have to find the right type of massage for your body. If you consult to a massage therapist, there are only four types of massage that you can choose from according to American Massage Therapy Association:

  • Swedish massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Sport Massage
  • Chair Massage

These massages offers different benefits but if you are only up for comforting relaxation or a probable weight loss, you have to pick the best type of massage that will satisfy your preferences. Weight loss and massage is a big issue and many critics don’t agree that massage can indeed help lose weight.

Most massage parlors know the many benefits of massage therapy. Abdominal massage (sometimes called stomach massage) is said to be effective on reducing belly fat. Can this be really the answer to your weight loss plateau?

While stomach massage targets your stomach, there is no medical proof that it really does help reduce belly fat. According to a scientific study by the American Massage Therapy Association, abdominal massage has few health benefits except fat loss. This includes the following benefits:

  • prevents constipation
  • reduce abdominal pain
  • increased bowel movements

In contrast, whole body massage (which includes ab massage) can do a lot more for you. It can give you the following benefits:

  • reduce blood pressure
  • strengthens the immune system
  • increased lymphatic flow
  • ease carpal tunnel syndrome
  • reduced pain in burn incidents
  • good for respiratory and circulatory system
  • reduces stress and boost mood

Above all, whole body massage have a positive effect on your body’s metabolic rate, which is an important aspect of weight loss. If a massage can spike your metabolism, then it means more fat burning action that can lead to significant weight loss.

Abdominal massage is only focused on your digestive system together with all the muscles along your middle core. Unbalanced massage or targeting a specific area of the body could backfire and may give you some muscle stress in other parts of your body, so it is better if you choose a massage that will cover your whole body instead of just the stomach.

Factors that You Need to Consider: Safety

Since massage is already part of our daily lives (it’s a necessity for some people) where we want to escape all the stress of city life, you still need to consider your safety whether you aim for weight loss or any other preferences.

It is highly important that you consult your physician first before you go to a massage therapist for a quick session. Massage can be harmful if you have past health conditions such as abdominal surgeries, muscle injuries, hypertension, pregnancy, blood clot issues, cancers and many others.

Other factor that you need to consider is the credentials of your massage therapist. See if the therapist has a license and ask for her experiences. If you come to just any massage parlor that offers cheap services, you might end up with a broken bone or worse. If you want to learn the best massage parlor on your area, ask you doctor for some assistance.

Conclusion on Massage and Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight effectively, you need the more natural approach that will concentrate on fat burning dieting and that includes exercise and healthy diet. Massage is not an alternative weight loss remedy that you can completely depend on. It won’t give you any significant weight loss and don’t bother to hope for it because it is next to impossible.

What you need is to make yourself busy through dozen types of physical activities that will keep your metabolic rate at high level. Burning fat through exercise might get you bore you to death sometimes, but what can you do? If you want to have that sexy figure, you need an effective program that will take your exercise and diet regimen to new heights.

If you have some money to spend to, then there is no reason why you will not spend it on products that will help keep you fit and slim. Gym equipments are available online for your shopping convenience. Browse my product reviews here to give you more ideas on what equipments are perfect for you.

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